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  • This app is wonderful, it is a great start for shy people like me.
  • Very nice application, clear instructions and easy to follow. I'm a female follower in Salsa, now I can learn how to lead! Awesome!
  • I've always wanted to learn Salsa, now I can... Very cool app, thank you for putting this together. Update: my husband and I have completed the first half of the course and he is dancing. That alone is impressive!
  • I was skeptical about giving this app a try - it seemed a little like the other ones, but boy was I wrong. This app gives you well over 15 moves to work on and it explains each of them very well. My girlfriend and I have been taking classes before but we just get busy with other tasks. The ability to review and learn on the go after trying it at home is fantastic! I definitely recommend this app.
  • Excellent resource for Salsa. Really convenient, clear and concise
  • First of all, its an awesome and innovative way to learn salsa, whether ur at home, on the go or just anywhere! Instructions were clear and I like the different angles where they're very useful for visual person like myself to be able to see the steps clearly and with minimal confusion :). Great instructional video
  • As a beginner they are better than any of the other apps and I have most of them because I really want to learn to Salsa but don't have time to go to a class right now because of school
  • WOW! I didn't expect this app to be so well organized. This is definitely a great reference guide. Thank you
  • I'm in DC Salsa Meetup and I run into your app in iTunes. This makes me want to buy an iPhone
  • Dear Latin Dance Factory, I would like to thank you for putting this together. It is well organized and explained. I'm often busy with work and I can't attend classes, so being able to learn on the go is a fantastic idea. I have a few suggestions: 1. Could you include a music demonstration of all the moves at once? 2. Could you include a feature to increase the size of the font or make the notes available in your website? Thank you again, great app and keep up the great work! I definitely recommend this to anyone
  • After getting Volume I and giving it a spin, I have decided to purchase both Vol II and III and I can see how it all fits together! I didn't realize until now how there is a pattern to dancing and you explain it very well. My girlfriend is still working on the core follower footwork so hopefully soon we will be able to cover all moves in Volume III. Please keep up the good work and include more moves in future updates. We love your app

Thanks to the versatility of the iPhoneTM, Salsa just got more fun, more accessible, and easier to learn.

Thank you for your support!




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New Version 2.0. Adds music demos, timing exercises,

more tips, music, artist, and dancer recommendations,

and several more features. iOS 4.1 compatible.

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