Dance Apps


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So you are into Salsa? Great! May we interest you in our Hot Salsa Apps? These richly featured apps put over 100 beautiful moves right in the palm of your hands, turning your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad into your own personal dance instructor.

Get the basics out of the way with our Hot Salsa Volume I. Start with 30 full detailed video lessons to get just the right amount of moves and rhythm to have fun in the dance floor. Start with the Basic Step, Cross Body Lead, and Right Turn and later transition in the Around the Moon, The Ocho, The Cumbia Step, among others. For the ladies, we also cover core follower footworks that are essential to perform intermediate and advanced moves.

A New Kind of Learning

Swing Into The Action

View how each dance figure is demonstrated to music and timing, then learn more about them by reading our detailed step by step text description of each move. Did you noticed other tips that help you with the move? You can now enter your very own notes to keep track of your progress!

We know that practice makes perfect! and that tough work often drains one's energy. Do not worry. Get more inspiration by watching upbeat Salsa performances, shows, and even discover Salsa music and artists with our recommended list of Salsa videos. Not only that, you can access our web portal for even more demonstrations on how you can put moves together into intricate patterns.

After you become comfortable with the material in our Beginner app, transition to our Hot Salsa Volume II. In this Intermediate series of videos you will learn moves such as Pizza Boy, Back to Back, Walkthrough, The Steering Wheel, The Shuffle Copa, Inside Turn Dip, and many others. Not only we break and explain each move, but also add styling for both men and ladies to add more flavor to your combinations.

Take it To The Next Level

Each app will let you expand your leading and following techniques, increase your library of moves, and let you connect better with your dance partner. Stay motivated, have fun, and review and practice constantly! Everything you need is included and discussed in these apps!

Not only that, we have made it our goal to keep creating new moves so that we can add them to each upcoming free update. You will never run short of moves and we will keep on challenging with new and crazy figures!

Once you master Volumes I and II, bring up the heat on the dance floor with our Hot Salsa Volume III! This advanced salsa course not only will teach you moves such as the Around The World, Neck Wrap, The Tunnel, The Windmill, but also flashy tricks such as the Neck Drop, the Tower Drop, among others. You will not only impress your partner with your skills, but also turn heads from the crowd while on the dance floor!

Rhythm, Count, Go!

Trouble finding the beat of the song or want an instructor to count the beats for you? No problem. These apps features a Salsa rhythm interface that you can interact with to challenge your coordination, instrument knowledge, and speed on the dance floor.

Understanding how each instrument interacts with each other in a Salsa masterpiece can be hectic at times. Not to mention finding the right beat, keeping up with the song speed and training your ear and body to perform coordinated moves to music. Enter the Salsa Rhythm iPhone App.

This is a powerful app for Salsa dance students wanting to address to tough challenges mentioned above. You can customize which instruments you want to focus on, adjust melodies, tempo, and key. It will also come with an instructor that very happily will count for you On1 or On2. Now, let's dance!

Never Travel Without It!

So you find yourself traveling to a new city for business or pleasure and you want to check out the Salsa venues there. . . Where to start?

Wouldn't it be nice to have an app that automatically detects where you are, pulls down all the salsa venues around you, and tells the venue features? Like dates, times, cover charge, salsa lessons, paid parking or free parking, DJ or live band?

Now there is an app for that! Introducing Salsa Clubs! This little app will do just that! It currently supports 550 venues in the US and the user has the power to include new information and places as they become available. The app will update itself daily with the most current information. Its free and it just works!