LDF Hot Salsa App Features

Top Features!

Latin Dance Factory Hot Salsa Apps have the following features:

  • Redesigned videos from the ground up with improved lighting, sound, music, styling, and descriptions!
  • Now you can practice each move to different timing speeds. You control the instruments, tempo, and melodies. An instructor will even count for you
  • No need to connect to a 3G or Wifi network to view or download movies. These moves are with you at all times!
  • No annoying iAds, or pop ups asking you to rate or review the apps
  • Each lesson has a video demonstration of footwork and partner work with timing "On 1"
  • Each move has a text description that will allow you to have a better understanding on the mechanics and execution of each dance move or steps
  • Ability to increase your font size to read the descriptions
  • Ability to take your own notes to capture those fine details to improve your leading and following techniques
  • All Salsa dance figures are given conventional names to easily remember them
  • Several dance tips for avoiding common pitfalls and creating other moves and arranging your own patterns
  • Recommended resources to learn about several Salsa artists, amazing world dancers, performances, workshops, and Salsa music!
  • In-app browser to access more videos, information on classes, blogs, news, etc
  • Works with iPhone 3G and up; iPod Touch; iPad
  • No need for DVD disks/players. Take this Salsa App with you on the go anywhere and everywhere
  • More moves coming up soon for free with each additional update!

Thanks to the versatility of the iPhoneTM, Salsa just got more fun, more accessible, and easier to learn.

Thank you for your support! ~ Christian & Lien




Hot Salsa I

Hot Salsa II

Hot Salsa III







New Version 2.0. Adds music demos, timing exercises,

more tips, music, artist, and dancer recommendations,

and several more features. iOS 4.1 compatible.