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You can learn to dance Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba, Cumbia and Merengue in Houston and Pearland, TX with any of these types of dance classes.

Offered on Saturdays and Sundays. Each weekend is a different dance topic. Duration is 3 hours. For absolute beginners. Reserve your spot in advance. Please, no walk-ins. Learn more

Offered on Wednesday, and Thursdays. Duration is one hour. For beginners and two left feet. You can walk-in. Learn more

Group Lessons are ideal for students: 
  • whom need to go over the foundations
  • whom have completed 101 Bootcamps and want to learn more turns.
  • whom need repetition, practice, and reinforcement.
  • danced for some time, but still need to clean up their leading and following techniques and timing.

Offered by appointment only. Learn at your own pace. Duration is one hour. For beginners and intermediates. Reserve your spot in advance. Please no walk-ins. Learn more

Private Lessons are ideal for students:
  • whom can not make it to regular group classes due to work or travel schedule.
  • whom are a bit shy among others in a group setting.
  • whom want to "catch up" to the dance level of their significant other.
  • whom want to get the most attention and feedback from the dance instructor.
  • whom want to learn in a faster timeline than taking regular group lessons.

Offered on Saturday evenings. Couples only. Wine and Cheese included. For beginners. Reserve your spot in advance. Please no walk-ins. Learn more

Date Night are ideal for students:
  • whom like to plan a perfect and different activity for a romantic Night out. 
  • whom want to celebrate anniversaries and birthdays with their significant other.
  • whom like to organize events with an intimate number of friends (other couples) and learn together.

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