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Body Evolution Fitness

Christian Franco Gutierrez and Elvira Dance Instructors for Latin Dance FactoryLEARN TO DANCE SALSA, BACHATA, CUMBIA, KIZOMBA IN JUST ONE DAY!

Each dance bootcamp is a Blast - designed specially for beginners, two left feet, and people with no dance experience what so ever!!! You will go from Zero to Dancing in One Day! 

This is one of the best Salsa, Bachata, Cumbia, Merengue, and Kizomba Dance Lessons in Houston / Pearland. It is FUN, nice paced, and you will be taught by a Dance Specialist and Education expert! You bet! 

"We promise that you will be a better and more confident dancer, the next day, and the rest of your life." ~Christian & Vira


Are you an absolute beginner?, do you have two left feet?

Are your friends taking lessons and you feel left behind?

Are you too busy during the week and cannot commit to weekly DANCE lessons?

Do you know the basic Salsa, Bachata, Cumbia, Merengue, Kizomba steps but lack technique?

If you answer Yes to any of these questions, then these Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, Cumbia, and Kizomba Dance Bootcamps are for you!

In a nutshell... The atmosphere is friendly, ages 17 and up welcome. We will guide you from beginning to end while you learn these sexy, fun, and sociable dance moves.

The best part is that No Partner is needed, No experience is required, Food and drinks are included!


The Secrets of Partner Dance
Discover closely guarded tips, tricks, and insider techniques that'll forever change your dancing skills and transform you into an amazing dancer and partner.

The Deadly Mistakes Leaders/Followers Should Avoid
We'll teach you how to avoid the most common frustrations and follies that club and social dancers experience. We'll also give you some precise and easy-to-follow instruction.

How-to Add Spice and Confidence to your Patterns
With our easy, fun, and step by step breakdown of moves you can start learning and improving your dance steps immediately! You no longer have to sit and watch!

How to Light a Fire on the Dance Floor...
We will teach you patterns, figures, and techniques that will surely make you stand out and look irresistible on the dance floor! simply by learning a few extra techniques, footwork, and styling.


We want you to have energy to endure the whole course from beginning to end. At the middle of the dance bootcamp we will break for 25 to 30 min max to enjoy each other's company and share some light snacks and food - Chips, fruits, veggie, pasta, little dessert, and more! Non-alcoholic drinks as well!

Please always remember to have a little food before the bootcamp. Don't come on an empty stomach!


Deal Price: $35/person or $60/couple. Save 35% when you Pre-register online or via phone.

Door Price: $55/person or $95/cpl at the door! Cash only. No exceptions. We do not hold unpaid spots.

Note: Price changes based on schedule of bootcamps

All Sales are final. There are no refunds. Credit may be available towards two group lessons. Bootcamps can't be made up!

No Walk-Ins Please. You need to pre-register by paying online or by phone. Preregistration helps us get a good head count to get the food, to ensure even male to female ratio, and book the proper size room. 


Men: Flat Shoes or slippery-bottom sneakers that have slick soles to turn and spin well. Collar shirt, loose comforable pants.

Ladies: Flat Shoes or slippery-bottom sneakers that have slick soles to turn and spin well. No high heels necessary for today. (unless you like pain after four hours). Comfortable loose pants, long shorts, or dark-colored tights / shorts. 


Level 101 - Two Left Feet. These bootcamps are for the Absolute Beginner. You do not need to know anything about dancing. If you usually sit and watch at the clubs, wish you could at least the basic step and turn, then this level 101 will be the best for you to get started.

Level 1.5 - Improver. These bootcamps are for students that have at least done at least 1 Level 101 Bootcamp or a series of beginner group lessons. Students that join need to be confident in the Basic Step, Basic turn, Basic connections, and Basic Figures of the dance of interest. If you got a taste of dancing and want more, if you wish you would know a few more turns, if you are currently taking group dance lessons then this level 1.5 is the right for you to continue expanding your skills.

Level 2 - Intermediate / Advanced. These bootcamps are for students that have done at least one Level 1.5 Bootcamps. Students that join need to be have a vast knowledge of foundation steps, turns and variations of the roots of the dance of interest. If you have taken several group dance lessons for a few months, if you have confidence dancing on the dance floor, and if you want to keep on adding new challenges in your dancing, then this level 2.0 is the right for you to continue challenging your skills.


At every Bootcamp you have the chance to win awesome prices. We have given away:
Group lessons,
Private dance lessons,
Free Bootcamps,
Music CD's,
Instructional DVD's and more!

Also we will give you special discounts on our group dance lessons so you can continue reinforcing your skills! We want to help you continue dance the best we can!


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Christian Franco Gutierrez (Peru).
Christian started dancing in the year 2000 with Ballroom and later transitioned to Latin in 2003 and Kizomba in 2011. He has participated in several dance national and international festivals featuring some of the best Salsa, Bachata, and Kizomba artists from around the globe! His most favorite dance is Salsa and then Bachata. Lately Christian has been focusing in training in the art of Kizomba with Master Petchu (Angola). Christian's passion is teaching. He has been teaching since his early College years and through Graduate school. He loves to breakdown complex problem into little solvable pieces and transmitting knowledge in a fun and humorous way.

Elvira Salazar (Mexico).
Elvira, mother of 2 beautiful children, started dancing in February of 2012. She started training with Latin Dance Factory with her husband and she has fallen in love with Latin dancing ever since. What started as a hobby turned into a super fun addiction. Elvira is a teacher at heart. She enjoys learning and transmitting her knowledge to others. After 9 months of dancing and training she is now very graceful in Salsa, Bachata, and Kizomba. Her following skills are sharp, responsive, and elegant. Ask her for a dance!