Valentine Day Weather Announcement

We will keep the events as scheduled!


Hi everyone. I know many are dissapointed due to the change since some have dinner reservations. So here is the resolution: SAME TIME AS BEFORE, JUST DIFFERENT LOCATIONS

  1. We will start the first event at 6pm. That's the time to check-in. the actual class will go from 6:30-8p as scheduled.

  2. We will keep the second 8:30p class time as well for those that want to arrive later. Class will end at 10:30p.

  3. If you got tickets at 8:30p and prefer the 6:30p spot, you can attend. The space is bigger than the previous one.

  4. Note the location change is El Big Bad. Second Floor. Private Room.


Good morning everyone. Because of the terrible weather we are working to condense both classes 6:30p and 8:30p guests into one earlier time frame - hence we need a bigger location.

El Big Bad (second floor private room can accomodate all of us at one time)

We are thinking to start the event an hour earlier: From 6p until 8:30pm. Between 1pm and 9pm the temperature will be approximately 32 degrees and by midnight it will be 28 degrees (which may cause ice build up on roads, specially bridges)

I have had texts from several couples that are attending that are worried about the road conditions. They are asking to reschedule. If you can't attend the valentine's day event, you will not loose your ticket, you can use the credit towards other events or private class (some restrictions may apply) We teach daily. Just check our schedule and contact me to join. Your ticket will not expire.

Kindly please send me a text with your full name and valentine's day time frame.

My cell is 832-413-2623

Please check your email (eventbrite) or this page for an update. We are very sorry for this inconvinience. We can't help the weather conditions and safety is first. 8:30p-11pm students would be at risk of getting into an accident. =(

Our new venue El Big Bad has amazing sound, drinks, elegant atmosphere and there is free parking on the street all around market square (congress, travis, fannin, milan)

Location: El Big Bad 419 Travis Street. HTX

Please stay tuned for further instructions. We will update this page soon!

Christian Franco