Lisa & Jerry W.

Post date: Sep 6, 2012 2:21:26 PM

"My husband and I had taken ballroom dance classes, which included learning some Latin dances, for over 2 years. We moved into the Pearland area and saw Christian’s ad for Salsa dance instruction. He was able to meet us where we were in our dance ability. He is knowledgeable of dance moves and very patient in his instruction. He truly promotes Latin dance in the area, providing various avenues of practice (weekend get togethers, dancing at Taco Milagro, outings to various Latin events) to the student to cultivate interest in this art. Christian loves to dance and teach others. He immerses himself in the art of Latin dance daily which makes for an awesome teacher! I would recommend his dance class/classes to anyone wanting to explore Salsa or perfect their skills of the dance."

Lisa & Jerry W. - Pearland, TX