How to Follow Course for Ladies

How to Follow Course for Ladies

This is an special edition Private Dance Lesson for ladies only.

Three hours for $150. That is $50 per hour! Extra $20 in savings.

Get the foundation steps and turns that you will need to follow most patterns on the dance floor

Understand direction, balance, options for styling

Understand how each step and turn is applicable in Salsa dancing

Course is completed in 2 sessions, 1.5 hours each. Preferably within the same week

This class is individualized. The student will be working directly with the instructor. No partner is required.

Additional ladies - $12 per session (max 4, including the student)


  • Foundation steps
  • Foundation turns
  • Application of steps and turns
  • Drill for improving turns
  • Direction and balance exercises
  • Transition exercises
  • Partner connection exercises
  • Body movement, posture, and styling
  • Timing tips
  • Dance floor / partner etiquette