What are some tips for remembering what I have learned?

Post date: Dec 21, 2011 12:20:37 AM

One of challenges of learning to dance is actually remembering what you’ve learned. It is common for students to forget a move they’ve learned just one week before. This usually happens when the moves are not practiced. A great way to avoid this trap is to write down what you have learned after every class. You can ask the instructor for the name of the move or name/describe it yourself. When naming a move yourself, try to pick a name that will remind you what the move actually looks like.

Another key point is to repeat all the moves you’ve learned including the most basic turn patterns. Most students end up practicing just the latest move and neglect all the turn patterns they’ve previously learned. They end up only remembering the new stuff and significantly reduce their repertoire.

A great way to see how you're progressing is to videotape yourself dancing. You can bring a video camera to a workshop and tape yourself performing what you've learned after the workshop is over. Videotaping yourself is beneficial because it gives you a concrete record of

many of the moves you know. In addition you can look at your execution and see the areas where you need to improve. So remember a lesson will just be a waste of time if you can’t put what you’ve learned into practice. So practice and use these tips help you refresh your memory.