How much time should I spend practicing?

Post date: Apr 24, 2012 4:45:56 AM

Dance time (and a commitment) to practice: The work in learning to dance gets more complex with each dance class and it is important to be able to practice until you can make each move natural, easy and your own. You're going for "muscle memory". This is a total sensory experience: You have to feel the rhythm, the count, the patterns, the connections, the music and of course, your partner. You will want to "own" each move and constant practice and repetition is the only way.

A "CAN DO" attitude is a must-have! SALSA is FUN! It shouldn't be stressful or competitive. Practice at your own pace... Take as much time as you need for each hour, but enjoy yourself! Feel the magic of the movement and the music! If you give it time, learning to dance can really change your life!