Our Salsa App Got Featured on The New York Times

Post date: Dec 7, 2011 1:20:26 AM

With a lot of pride and feeling of accomplishment, we would like to announce that our Hot Salsa Apps for the iPhone got featured on the New York Times! This is huge for the whole Salsa community! The New York Times is read by millions around the world and it is the gold standard for trusted reviews and news. We hope that our apps will become even more discoverable and new students get motivated to start learning how to dance Salsa. We will bring new updates to reflect the recommendation made by Mr Bob Tedeschi, the New York Times correspondent.

Please help us spread the word and the gift of dancing to anyone that you know by posting the link to this article on your Walls. We have worked so hard for over two years and we are even more so motivated to continue improving our work. Thanks everyone

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