New Salsa App for Salseros and Salseras Salsa Clubs Free

Post date: Jun 17, 2011 5:47:56 PM

Great news! Our new Salsa Clubs app has been approved by Apple! It is a free app. "It only works in the US" at the moment. International support coming soon on future update. The app will determine your location and pull all Salsa clubs around you... You can learn more about the venue's features like age group, cover charge, lesson offered, free or paid parking, dress code, overall impressions!

Local users have the power to submit more information about any particular club and the app will update itself within 24 hours with the most up to date information. Salsa venues often change, be sure to give them a call if it is your very first time going to ensure they are still offering Latin entertainment. If not, just update us and within 24 hours, they will out of the list =) It's that easy and it just works!

We are going to submit an update pretty soon! The update will include fast map interactions, thumbnails of the place you are going to, facebook integration to let your friends where you are going dancing tonight!!! All FREE, NO ADS, NO annoying Pop-ups reminding you to rate the app, etc etc. Just useful data for salseros and salseras, made by salseros alike! Enjoy =)

As of today, I have 548 Salsa venues on the app from all over the US. If your venue is not listed, just contact us and in 24 hours it will!Get it at