Timing and Rhythm

Salsa Timing and Rhythm Labs

Have a hard time hearing the beat? Practice dancing to these popular Salsa songs that have been "decoded" so you can hear the instructor mark the beats. You can also visualize the steps for the man and the woman. More videos coming soon! Videos courtesy of Uri Shaked from the Salsa Beat Machine. - an interactive program that let's you customize the instruments, keys, and tempo of salsa melodies so that you can practice your timing, become familiar with different instruments, and improve your dancing! If you have any special song requests, let us know by contacting us.

Tito Puente - Hong Kong Mambo (On2)

Grupo Latin Vibe - La Llave (On2)

Cheo Feliciano - Felicidades

Original del Manzanillo - Uno Llega y Otro Se Va

Ismael Rivera - Bomba de Navidad

Joe Arroyo - La Rebellion (On1)

Wayne Gorbea - Cogele el Gusto

Luis Enrique - Yo No Se Mañana (On1)

La 33 - Pantera Mambo

Miguel Enriquez - Abre Que Voy