Learn to dance Salsa



Salsa is a popular form of social dance that originated in New York City with strong influences from Latin America, particularly Colombia, Puerto Rico, and Cuba. The movements of salsa have origins in Cuban Son, Cha-cha-cha, Mambo, Guaguancó, Rumba, Boogaloo, Pachanga, Guaracha, Plena, and other dance forms, and the dance, along with the salsa music, originated in the mid-1970s in New York. Today Salsa is a very modern dance that is influenced by other up to date styles of dancing.

Salsa provides a means to connect with others. So if you want to widen your social circle or expand your business network, Salsa might just be for you. Swinging hips and an eclectic mix of happy people dominate the extremely social and convivial atmosphere in Salsa clubs. Everyone is having an enjoyable time and contacts are naturally made faster than anywhere else.



This is your ticket to get started! Bootcamp means Training Camp. This course lasts 3 hours with a 10-minute break in between. It is a progressive course. During the first hour, we start with the basic steps and necessary foundations to start dancing Salsa. As the course progresses, we continue with different exercises that teach you how to create different combinations and figures. On each 101 Bootcamp, we cover different topics. Do not forget to bring your cameras. At the end of the bootcamp, you can record all the steps and combinations so you can practice them in the future.


After completing one or more 101 Bootcamps, you can take your Salsa to the next level. Fun, Entertaining Salsa Lessons for Beginners and Improvers in Houston, TX. Improve your Basic step, learn more turns, cross body leads, and intermediate principles of leading and following. These moves will get you going to understand level 201 figures and combinations.

Level 102 is for students that have completed our Foundations 101 bootcamp on the weekend - see our calendar. If you never danced before, we recommend joining a 101 Bootcamp first. No partner required to attend the 102 classes, but please let us know you are coming.


Need more feedback? Can't come to weekly group lesson? Busy crazy schedule? You can learn at your own pace and comfort! Investing in Salsa Private dance lessons is the fastest, most effective way to becoming a proficient, knowledgeable, and confident dancer. It is the best way of improving your current level of dance skill - you will go from Zero to Dancing all at your own pace and at the flexibility of your own schedule.


Want to try us out? Free classes are for both the Absolute Beginner student to get a quick intro in dancing and for Improver students to warm up and practice last class figures and combinations. We go over some foundations of dancing and introduce what we will teach on the regular class.

If you like to continue learning more, just stay for our regular dance session starting immediately after. See our calendar. You can pay per class or per full pass and save!


Here are some of the moves that you will learn by combining 101 Bootcamps and 102 / 201 Group lessons. Each dance lesson is a Blast - designed especially for beginners, two left feet, and people with no dance experience what so ever!!! You will go from Zero to Dancing in no time!

Our courses are some of the best Dance Lessons in Houston / Pearland. These moves are not choreographed. They are 100% leadable. Each turn is Latin Nightclub-proof, authentic, and impressive. Each lesson is fun, effective, nice-paced, and you will be taught by a Dance Specialist and Education expert! You bet!


- Rock step and weight change drills

- Open and Close Frame connections

- Basic Step variations

- Body Movement drills

- Right Turns

- Cross Body Lead

Topic: Spot Turns and Rotations

- Foundations

- Right turn arm variations

- Around the moon

- Ocho

- Left Turns

Topic: Cross Body Lead

- Foundations


- Outside Turn CBL

- Inside Turn CBL

- Walk Through

- Reverse CBL

Topic: Outside Turns

- Foundations

- Arm variations

- Sombrero

- Revolving door

- Pizza Boy

- Apache

Topic: Inside Turns

- Foundations

- Arm variations

- Titanic

- Free Spins

- Wrap

- Around the world

Topic: Hammerlock Turns

- Foundations

- Hammerlock turns

- Hammerlock to Hammerlock

- Hammerlock tunnel

- Hammerlock Walk around

- Hammerlock to Copa

Topic: Copa Turns

- Foundations

- Inside Turn Copa

- Barrel Roll Copa

- Back to Back Copa

- Outside Turn Copa

- Shuffle Copa

Topic: Walk... Turns

- Walk Through Turns

- Walk Around Turns

- Walk Back to Inside Turn

- Walk Back to Outside Turn

- T-stand Lady Footwork

What’s a Topic?

Salsa has an extensive number of turns. We have categorized them by Topics. You can learn how to lead and follow each of these moves that we will focus on that particular Bootcamp. You can take any Salsa topic at any time. Each one is for beginners. We can also cover and review some of these moves on our 102 and 201 group classes during the week.