I need to reschedule, something came up, what happens to my payment?

Post date: Apr 16, 2014 5:16:25 PM

Tip: Buying a Bootcamp ticket is similar to buying a plane ticket. Do not miss your flight! All sales are final and we need at least 24hr rescheduling notice. No last minute cancellations.

If you paid and you let us know that you can't make it within 24 hour notice, you can use the credit towards the next Bootcamp of the same style of dance (when offered again) or towards group dance lessons. A 24 hour notice will give us time to fill the missed spot. Remember that we do our best to keep the class even in gender ratios.

If you call a few of hours before the Bootcamp - or if you cancel the day of the Bootcamp, you will lose your tuition. You can transfer your ticket to a friend that could take your place (same gender) or your ticket could be given away to anyone that would like to fill the spot at the very last minute. No exceptions. Please call us immediately to help you resolve this issue: 832-413-2623. Do not send text or email.

If you simply do not show and do not let us know, you will lose your tuition as the monies go towards space rental, paying the instructors. No credit is given. No exceptions.

There is a $20 fee singles and $30 fee couples to reschedule a missed bootcamp.

Please communicate with us so that we are able to work something out for you. That's the key! You can also transfer your spot to another friend if they are able to take it. Just call us and let us know of the name(s) that will be taking over your spots.