Slow Dancing for Couples


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Sensual Couple's Dance Class at Latin Dance Factory. Dance classes for adults. 832-413-2623

It is no mystery. Most women love to dance. It's imprinted in their biology. When they hear music women start to move to it. Not only that, but also in their dreams, the men in their lives are moving with them. Dinner and dancing is a kind of ultimate fantasy date, but too often the second part is skipped.

“If women are not happy, this is when we nag,” jokes Elena Grinenko, a professional ballroom dance champion. “If you make your woman happy then she's relaxed and she's not asking for a lot because she feels very secure.” One way to make a woman happy, she argues, is to get her on the dance floor.

However this task is not as easy as it seems. On the other hand, most men are afraid to dance and they seem to know every excuse in the book. From claiming to have two left, to no coordination or inability to hear and follow the beat, to judging the moves and turns as being too hard or have the misconception that other guys will laugh at him, there seems to be several escape routes to avoid dancing.

“In dance, if you make your woman comfortable, she will love you forever,” ~Elena Grinenko.

Experts agree that in any long-term relationship, it’s important to keep it fresh and exciting by discovering activities of interest and ways to bond with your partner. Dancing exercises the body and mind and can help you get in touch with your sexy side—both on a personal level and as a couple. Whether it’s salsa, tango, or waltz, dancing is a great activity for couples looking to improve (or even create) intimacy.

“As far as therapy for couples, it's a great thing to do,” Grinenko says. “Dance teaches us a lot about the relationship between the male and the female.” Dancing requires good etiquette and communication, and the body language is unbeatable.

One does not need to know flashy dance moves, complicated steps, or crazy turns to be able to dance and connect better with your partner thus develop that intimate bond that Grinenko refers to. Here at Latin Dance Factory we would love for couples to try a new form of dance. The close embrace or hug dance.

So, how would one describe this dance?

Couple Slow Dancing is best therapy. Couple dancing close. Latin Dance Factory. 832-413-2623. Class for adults and couples.

It's Kind, Intimate, Zesty, Original, Malleable, Blissful, and Addictive!

~Christian Franco Gutierrez.

It' is Kind and gentle - the moves are not forceful, the dance itself is slow. It's Intimate as couples dance so close with each other, they can hear each other breath. It's Zesty - the energy that you get from the music and steps are intense. It's Original - no other dance style comes close to it. It's rhythm and timing is Malleable meaning that there are no set rules on how to step to the beat. It's Blissful - just knowing a very few steps will bring you both a lot of joy and excitement. And it's Addictive

becuase of all previously discussed elements of this dance, couples find each other wanting to learn more and hear more of its music.

In a sense, this close embrace or hug dance is an art of two souls moving as one - the act of two people moving in harmony to a rhythm - and the end result can be a heightened sense of electricity between couples. For our early adopters of this dance, we have seen couples reconnecting through its slow and powerful movements.“It's almost like you have a newfound love for each other,” Dr. Casquete says. “Discovering new steps together is teaching us to interact with each other. We are looking into each other's eyes, anticipating the next move. It opens up energy, passion, and the overall sexiness of feeling and connection. It rejuvenates everything.”

Whether a couple is newlywed or has been married for decades, dance can create a positive change in confidence, communication and intimacy between partners. It’s like couple’s therapy, but far more fun! Even if you or your partner lack coordination to master the art of dance at first, just remember it’s a work in process (like your relationship) and enjoy the laughs that come with the journey. Learning to laugh at imperfect situations is a key part of any successful marriage.


Couple slow dancing by sunset. Classes at Latin Dance Factory. Adults and couples welcome. 832-413-2623

You can pre-pay for your course using any major credit card. Classes take place at Omni Salsa Studio in Houston, TX. The studio is located here.

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Missing a Class? No problem. Make ups are allowed at no additional cost. Just let your instructor know of any missed classes that you will incur. We will work with you so you learn what you paid for.


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Missing a Class? No problem. Make ups are allowed at no additional cost. Just let your instructor know of any missed classes that you will incur. We will work with you so you learn what you paid for.