SALSA - Houston

Post date: May 3, 2011 2:23:14 AM



Beginner Level:


101: Absolute Beginner and Two left feet welcome. There are no pre-requisites. This is an introduction class for the absolute beginner. No do not need to know anything about Salsa dancing.

201: To join Improver Salsa class you need to be confident with your Beginner Level steps, turns, and figures. Please do not join if you do not know how to dance. We need to keep the class at a challenging level.

  • Basic Step variations
  • Body Movement drills
  • Open and Close Frame Rotations
  • Rotational Basic Step
  • Right Turns for Men and Ladies
  • Cross Body Lead (Open and Close variations)
  • Open Breaks, Checks
  • Introduction to timing, counting, and rhythm

Improver Level:

  • Review of Beginner I Salsa moves with their respective variations
  • Outside Turn
  • Inside Turn
  • Free Spin variations
  • Improved Timing
  • Hammerlocks
  • Walk Throughs
  • Around the Moon
  • Improved Leading and Following techniques.

Intermediate Level:

  • Review of Beginner and Improver Salsa moves with their respective variations
  • Extensive Footwork
  • Pattern Design
  • Musicality and Flow
  • Advanced Timing
  • Left Turns
  • Half Inside Turns
  • Copas
  • U-turns
  • Arm Tosses,
  • Hammerlock advanced set ups
  • Hammerlock advanced exits
  • Walk Backs
  • Multiple Turns
  • and more.