Wednesday 9:00pm KIZOMBA* Group Class


*Kizomba. Please join our Beginner Bootcamp prior joining the Group Class.



Kizomba is not just a dance and music, it is also a way of life. The term derives from "Kimbundo," a language of Angola, which means "Party". The music is the result of fusion between Semba music and Zouk music (1980's). The dance steps come from Semba with a new twist to fit the interpretation of the Kizomba music. Songs are sung generally in Portuguese, although with its popularity in Europe, more songs are being interpreted in English and even Spanish. The Kizomba dancing is known for having a slow, insistent, somewhat harsh, yet sensuous rhythm; the result of electronic percussion combined with African rhythms.

The sensuality of dance and music of Kizomba is very strongly making its entrance into the US. Join this new dance style and be part of a movement that is turning heads and winning hearts among couple in different dance venues! The dance is elegant, sophisticated, and simply looks hot!

KIZOMBA* Houston — Jul 9, 2015 3:26:21 PM