Dips and Tricks in Salsa

Dips and Tricks in Salsa

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Description: Learn to perform jaw dropping dance moves on the dance floor! Learn several dip variations and some tricks to spice up your Salsa, Bachata, or Merengue. Amaze your partner and the crowd. The dance class requires a basic degree of flexibility and most importantly trust with you partner. Some of the moves involved are: Aqua dip, Leaning Tower, Tower Fall, Neck Drop, Window Break, Arm Illusions and more!

Prerequisite: Improver level Salsa recommended

Level I: Introductory course on mechanics of dips, twists, drops. Timing theory, flow, continuation to other moves (exits)

Level II: Moves are more challenging and require a good concept of stability, flexibility, timing, and connection.

Other: Dress attire is gym attire, workout clothes. Please do not wear wristwatches, ear rings, excessive jewelry as it may get caught on your patner's clothing while performing the moves.

Offerings: Schedule of Workshops; Private Dance Lessons by appointment only.

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