BACHATA by Jorge Elizondo


Beginners and Intermediate welcome. No partner needed.

Focus oriented! Learn turns and style that apply only to this dance.

Don't be late! Arrive 10 mins before class.

Share the fun! Invite your friends.

After the Workshop, join our fun weekly group classes.


This is a two and a half hour course. In this workshop you will learn...

  • Basic Bachata Step in Place
  • Basic Bachata Side to Side Steps
  • Basic Right Turn
  • Basic Left Turn
  • Quarter Turns
  • Open / Close Frame Connections
  • Forward and Backwards Travel
  • Wrap Turns
  • Turns and Returns Rotations
  • Half Steps
  • Abrazala
  • Hammerlock
  • Dominican Footwork Variation
  • Cross Overs
  • Front Turns
  • Cha Cha addtions
  • Body Rolls / Dips

Don't Forget...

  • Register with time to ensure a spot in our class
  • Check your email for a copy of your receipt
  • Save the day / time of the dance workshop in your calendar
  • Eat something before the class. Do not come on an empty stomach
  • No last minute cancellations allowed or your spot will be given to another party

Don't wait until the last minute! Limited spots available. Save yours before they are gone. These workshops are only offered once a month. After you complete any of them, you can continue learning new skills in our group lesson practice sessions. Spend a fun afternoon being active, making friends, and having lots of fun! See you soon!