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We invite you to join our partner's page! If you do salsa or any dance related work - from photography, to makeup, to shoes, to DJ'ing, to costumes, instructors, promoters, bloggers, etc. Just send us your link and we will send you ours! It is free. Let's unite everybody through Salsa and make the web go round! 

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Uri Shaked

The Salsa Beat Machine
Jorge Elizondo
DJ Gonzo
John Bello
Debdoot Das

Quick & Dirty Guide to Hip Hop
Veronica Zepeda

Veronica Zepeda Photography
Micah & Kathy


Simaria Solis

In Focus Makeup Art
Imad Lamhaoul

Hamburg International Salsafestival 
Hillary McLean

Zumba Fever 

Clases de Salsa en Buenos Aires 
Callejero T-shirts

Camisetas de Salsa. Really cool designs!