Update: Gent's Full Pass is on Hold. We need to recruit a few more ladies to reactivate. 
Ladies and Couples can still purchase it.


Made For Beginners. Easy to follow instructions. Great way to learn sociable dance moves.

Amazing Value! Access several hours of dance instruction at a fraction of the regular price!

Flexible Attendance! Busy personal / work life? 
Pick the group lessons / bootcamps that you like to attend.

Join our Family! Find dance partners, make new friends, be part of our dance community in Houston and Pearland, TX.

What’s a Full Pass?

A Full Pass is unlimited access to 4 weeks of 101 bootcamps and 102 group dance lessons - that's over 45 hours of instruction! 

Dance as much as you want. You can come to class as much as you like every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday. Check Calendar.

How much does it Cost?
  • Ladies: $125
  • Guys: $150
  • Couples: $225
Regular price for one group lesson is $15/hr per person.

Regular door price for one bootcamp is $45 for 3hrs per person.

With the Full Pass, you pay one price and access any or all dance lessons. It pays by itself after taking 10 group lessons or 4 bootcamps.

Why is the Full Pass a Great Deal?

The Full Pass Program is designed to push you to come to class, learn, practice, reinforce, dance, save money, and achieve real results!

If you really want to learn to dance, taking one class once in a while will never produce any real results. To adopt dancing as a hobby, you have to train your body to coordinate your feet with your arms, remember several dance figures, learn to find the beat, and feel / interpret the music. 

Can I upgrade to a Full Pass?

Yes. If you bought a single 1hr group lesson or a 3hr bootcamp to try us out and you want to continue, you can certainly upgrade to a Full Pass by paying the difference. You can do this transaction in person. Upgrades are only valid one week after your initial purchase.

Start your journey to becoming a confident, graceful, knowledge dancer. You will be able to identify the proper music, lead, follow, and turn with confidence, and impress your friends with your new set of skills!