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Sensual Couple's Dance Class at Latin Dance Factory. Dance classes for adults. 832-413-2623
It is no mystery. Most women love to dance. It's imprinted in their biology. When they hear music women start to move to it. Not only that, but also in their dreams, the men in their lives are moving with them. Dinner and dancing is a kind of ultimate fantasy date, but too often the second part is skipped.

“If women are not happy, this is when we nag,” jokes Elena Grinenko, a professional ballroom dance champion. “If you make your woman happy then she's relaxed and she's not asking for a lot because she feels very secure.” One way to make a woman happy, she argues, is to get her on the dance floor.
However this task is not as easy as it seems. On the other hand, most men are afraid to dance and they seem to know every excuse in the book. From claiming to have two left, to no coordination or inability to hear and follow the beat, to judging the moves and turns as being too hard or have the misconception that other guys will laugh at him, there seems to be several escape routes to avoid dancing.
“In dance, if you make your woman comfortable, she will love you forever,” ~Elena Grinenko.