S A L S A  F O R  L A D I E S  O N L Y

1. Text "Salsa Ladies" with your Name and Email to 832-413-2623.

Date / Time:
Certain Saturdays at 3:00pm - 5:00pm (Counts as 2 classes). Call or txt for availability.



Drop In Class at Latin Dance Factory 832-413-2623 $15/person
Four Lesson Class Pass at Latin Dance Factory. 832-413-2623. $50/p
Eight Lesson Class Pass at Latin Dance Factory. 832-413-2623. $50/p
Twelve Lesson Class Pass at Latin Dance Factory. 832-413-2623. $50/p
Drop In Rate is $15/pSave $10! Access any 4 Group Lesson Pass $50/pSave $30! Access any 8 Group Lessons Pass $90/pSave $50! Access any 12 Group Lessons Pass $130/p

Note: You can use the same Class Pass to access any of our group dance lessons. We never penalize anyone for missing group dance classes. Guaranteed!

Class Description:

Ladies are you tired of wishing guys would ask you to dance? Are you tired of begging your boyfriend, husband, or dance partner to come with you to a Salsa class? What If I told you that you could learn all the footwork, partner work, and styling concepts without a dance partner? That you could learn how to follow a man's lead without needing a partner! Would you be excited?

This class will teach you all the Salsa turn patterns, styling, shines, and footwork that you will need to follow any guy on the dance floor. Most importantly, it is Salsa made easy and fun! 

Moves covered in this class are: Salsa Basic, Styling for Salsa Basic (Hips, arms, hands, shoulders), Connection Drill, Outside Turn - 3 Variations, Inside Turn - 2 Variations, Cross Body Lead, Inside Turns, Outside Turns, Walk Backs, Walk Throughs, Walk Arounds, U-turns, Hammerlock Turns, and how to create the Cuban motion.

Ladies usually learn Salsa at a much faster rates than guys. Learning how to follow, how to properly turn, and keep your balance while doing different footwork is all you need. Let the guys worry about the rest. Join us! You will have tons of fun!