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Mondays 8:20pm & Wednesdays 8:20pm
Learn the foundation steps and turns of Salsa
Learn to dance Salsa: This dance class is for absolute beginners or newcomers who fancy a little taste of Salsa. During these Salsa lessons you get the core foundation steps and beginning partner-dancing skills to later implement into fun patterns in our Improver / Intermediate Salsa Lessons.
What You Will Learn  
Beginner Salsa Dance Moves
Each week we spent one hour covering different topics. We will always review the Basic, Step, Body motion, leading and following theory, and open and close connections for the first 10 to 15 minutes. Afterwards, we will cover a lot of detail in the following: 
  • Basic Step variations
  • Body Movement drills
  • Open and Close Frame Rotations 
  • Rotational Basic Step
  • Right Turns for Men and Ladies
  • Cross Body Lead (Open and Close variations)
  • Open Breaks, Checks
  • Introduction to timing, counting, and rhythm
Advancing to Improver / Intermediate Salsa Classes

Before transitioning to our Improver and Intermediate Salsa Class, students must complete 4 to 6 hours of Beginner Salsa dancing training and be able to successfully complete the core 8 topics outlined above. Just contact your instructor while in class to complete your skills examination.

Level and Pre-requesites

Absolute Beginner and Two left feet welcome. There are no pre-requisites. This is a 101 introduction class for the absolute beginner. No do not need to know anything about Salsa dancing.

✓ Walk-Ins Welcome
✓ Pay In Person or Online
✓ No Partner Required
✓ Pay Per Class or Month
✓ Unlimited: 32 lessons in 4 weeks! [Learn More]