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Call us now. Learn to dance Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, Cumbia, and Kizomba in Houston, TX and Pearland, TX. No partner required. 832-41-DANCE

Wednesday Nights at 9:00pm
Emerald Bay Rec Center 111814 N. Clear Lake Loop, Pearland, TX 77584

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Amazing feeling, addictive songs. Learn to connect with your partner and music. 

Class Description

Learn to dance Kizomba - a beautiful Angolan dance with amazing and addictive music. Learn to connect with your partner and the music. The art of the dance is to lead and follow with the torso as you learn to walk together. Once you experience Kizomba, you will never want to let it go! 

[male/female combo]

Select Lesson Pass
or by Phone 832-41-DANCE
Select Lesson Pass
or by Phone 832-41-DANCE

What You Will Learn    

Beginner Kizomba Dance Moves
  • Body posture, connection, and motion 
  • Leading and following technique
  • Timing
  • History
  • Basic steps in Kizomba
  • Variations of basic steps
  • Saidas (Men)
  • Saidas (Women)
  • Principles of disassociation
  • Passadas using Basic steps and Saidas
  • Tarraxinha hip movements
Anyone willing to learn this beautiful dance is invited. We will break down the steps in a way that is simple, fun, and effective. Discover how to dance with confidence and style in a welcoming and social atmosphere. 

Our Qualifications 

We are proud to be the first instructors in Houston to offer Kizomba lessons since 2012 and the only instructors in USA with 4 Teacher Trainings of important concepts, techniques, and motions in Kizomba. 

We have also travelled extensively to Europe several times to gain cumulative experience from top Kizomba Masters around the world. We have attended several Kizomba Festivals / Workshops in Lisbon, Madrid, Warsaw, Paris, Milan, and London.

Furthermore we have been traveling around the USA and the world spreading the dance and music of Kizomba. We have taught workshops in Dallas, Austin, Atlanta, Nashville, West Palm Beach, New Jersey, and New York. Around the world, we have taught in Hanoi, Vietnam; Bangkok, Thailand; Taipei, Taiwan, and Shanghai, China. More cities will be included soon. 

How to Register 

Click or Text "#KizombaHoustonClass" with your Name and Email to 832-413-2623.

Note: Please No Walk-ins. All new students must pre-register prior attending class to get our undivided attention. You can pay when you arrive to the studio.

Date / Time


None. Two left feet welcome. This is a 101 introduction class for the absolute beginner. No do not need to know anything about Kizomba dancing.


None required. You can come alone or with friends. We rotate during class. If you are bringing a partner and wish to stay with him/her the whole class, please let us know.

Course length

Eight to twelve hours. You can accomplish these hours through group lessons, bootcamps, and or private dance lessons. Once you complete at least 8 hours of training you can contact your instructor to take a test to pass to our Intermediate Kizomba Class.


Emerald Bay Rec Center
111814 N. Clear Lake Loop, 
Pearland, TX 77584 

Emerald Bay Club House

Popular Questions asked by new students

  • Do I need a partner? 
  • How many classes should I take? 
  • What kind of shoes should I wear?
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Kizomba is not just a dance and music, it is also a way of life. The term derives from "Kimbundo," a language of Angola, which means "Party". The music is the result of fusion between Semba music and Zouk music (1980's). The dance steps come from Semba with a new twist to fit the interpretation of the Kizomba music. Songs are sung generally in Portuguese, although with its popularity in Europe, more songs are being interpreted in English and even Spanish. The Kizomba dancing is known for having a slow, insistent, somewhat harsh, yet sensuous rhythm; the result of electronic percussion combined with African rhythms.

The sensuality of dance and music of Kizomba is very strongly making its entrance into the US. Join this new dance style and be part of a movement that is turning heads and winning hearts among couple in different dance venues! The dance is elegant, sophisticated, and simply looks hot! 



Christian Franco Gutierrez is a Latin Dance instructor with 4 Kizomba training and formation courses from (levels 1 and 2; 6 hrs) and Kizomba Kingdom (levels 1, 2, 3, & 4; 9 hrs), and Meste Petchu Kizomba / Semba Formation Courses (60 hrs).

Christian has further gained more knowledge in Kizomba from Albir and Sara (Spain) Pablo and Julia (Spain), Ivan and Eva (Spain), and Ricardo and Paula (Afro Latin Connection, Portugal), Kwenda Lima (Cape Verde), Eddy Vents (London), Ivo Viera (New York), Oscar BA (Maryland), David Campos and Guira Rei (New York), Fred Maestro (France), Morenasso and Anais (France), Felicien and Isa (France), Mestre Petchu and Vanessa (Lisbon), Paulo Cruz (Angola), Helio Santos (Lisbon), Antonio Bandeira (Lisbon), Miguel and Susana (Lisbon), Miguel Monteiro (London), Ruddy and Vie (France), Tamas and Veronika (Italy), Fernando, and Michaela (Italy), Joao (Sweden) Mafalda (Lisbon), Victor and Coralie (Spain). Each instructor has his/her unique flavor and energy.