Mon 7:30pm, Wed 7:30pm
Learn the foundation steps and turns of Cumbia 

Learn to dance Cumbia:  In this exciting class, you will learn the fundamental steps and lead/follow techniques used in traditional “partner-style” Mexican and Colombian Cumbia - the same Cumbia danced in many modern nightclubs. Moves are fun and energetic, momentum between partners is needed to create several figures and turns. 
What You Will Learn  
Cumbia Dance Moves: 
  • Introduction to Cumbia Music
  • Timing and Rhythm 
  • Connection and Frame
  • Base 1: Basic Side to Side
  • Base 2: Cumbia Break
  • Base 3: Cumbia Pull
  • Base 4: In and Out Cumbia step with Hammerlock Turns
  • Variations of Bases 1, 2, 3, and 4 
  • Figure creation: Transitions between bases
  • Basic handwork
  • Turn Spotting

Level and Pre-requesites

Absolute Beginner and Two left feet welcome. There are no pre-requisites. This is a 101 introduction class for the absolute beginner. No do not need to know anything about Cumbia dancing.


Cumbia is another popular dance at Latin night clubs. It is an energetic dance that originated primarily in Mexico, Colombia, and Panama, Cumbia which started as a courtship dance practiced among the African population, which was later mixed with European instruments and musical characteristics. Moves involve a lot of momentum and energy from each partner. Latin Clubs play at least 20% Cumbia. You don't have to sit and watch, now you will be able to dance!.