Eat, Sleep, Salsa! Learn the roots of most sociable dance on earth!
Moves: Basic steps, Right turns, Cross Body Lead, Outside and Inside turns, Open Breaks, Checks, and more.

Move to Dominican Rhythms! Look irresistible on the dance floor.
Moves: Basic modern and traditional steps, Right and Left turns, Paseala, Sweetheart and Wrap turns, and more.

Learn to dance with connection and musicality! Move with harmony and elegance.
Moves: Basic steps variations, Embrace connection, Passadas, Pivots, Saidas, Timing techniques, Tarraxinha, and more.

Dance to Colombian / Mexican Rhythms! Bring energy and fun to the dance floor!
Moves: Side to Side, Cumbia Break, Cumbia Pull, In and Out Turns, Hammerlock Turns, and more.

Super easy to learn, the best way to get started into Latin dancing. Tons of turns and fun!
Moves: Basic steps and turns, Hammerlocks, Sweethearts, Walk-arounds, Double turns, Fun Pretzels, and more.

Become a Latin Dance Machine at the Social Nightclubs! Know how to defend yourself. 
Moves: Essentials of Merengue, Bachata, Salsa, and Cumbia. How to survive at the Latin Nightclubs.