Date: Tue Oct 21. 7:30pm-10:00pm
David's Place - 3103 Summerland Dr. Manvel, TX 77578
$30 | COUPLES $50

Guest List:
Guys: David, Jackson, Jose, Hector, Walter, Eduardo, Luis, Bernard, Sondra's partner, Herman, Inael, Miguel, Richard, Nain, Rene,  

Ladies: Jasmin, Tina, Valeria, Elisabeth, Brenda, Rebecca, Sandra, Natali, Jasmine, Nora, Sondra, Maria, Nain's partner, Stephanie, Elyna, 

Update: 3 spots left for ladies; 1 spots left for guys. (Oct 21st 12:40pm)
Single or Couple?
Door Price: $40/person
Deal Price Expires In...
Due to high demand, we accept
PRE-registrations only

Learn Sensual Bachata Moves. Light up the fire on the dance floor!

✓  For Improvers. You must know the basics.
✓  No Partner Required
✓  Food and Drinks Included
✓  Learn to Sweep Her off her feet!

On the Day of the Workshop...

Check-In Time: Arrive 15 min before class. Do not be late!
Course Duration: 2.5 hours. Every minute counts, we start on time!
Raffle: Get your ticket with a chance to win free group classes, music, and other bootcamps or workshops!

Registration: Save 30% (singles) to 40% (couples) when you pre-register!

Click on "Buy Now" based if you are single or a couple. 
All major credit cards are accepted. No Paypal account needed. Learn more here.

Call us or Text "#JoseRosyBachata" with your Name and Email to 832-41-DANCE. Have your credit card ready. Receipts will be sent via text.

"Couples" is male/female or female/female combo.
Register with a phone that accepts SMS. We send last minute notifications via txt.

Last Day/Time to Register:
Singles: The day before the Workshop by midnight.
Couples (male/female combo to maintain an even class): One hour before the Workshop.

Other Important Notes!

Please No Walk-ins: 
We only have 20 spots available. 10 guys and 10 ladies. 
All students must pre-pay prior attending the workshop to ensure an even class and the right amount of food / drinks. We do not hold unpaid spots. No exceptions.

Door Price: 
If you still want to do the Sensual Bachata Workshop as a Walk-in, it is $40/person at the door the day of the Workshop. If the class is not even, we may not accept your registration until next time the workshop is offered. No exceptions.

Sold Out? Join our Wait List:
In the event that all Guy and Ladies spots are gone, please text #JoseRosyBachataWaitList to 832-41-DANCE with name and email.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is a couple?

Our definition of a couple is not restricted to just significant others. So it means if you and your friend or family member want to attend, please register as a couple. It just needs to be a male/female or female/female combination. When you register, please include the name of your partner or friend.

If I signed up by myself, with whom will I dance?

No partner is required for any of our dance classes. We ask everyone to pre-register so we can even out the class as the days get closer. You will dance with different people. We create a large circle and you start with one partner and then move on to the next and so on. You will make friends fast!

I can't make it this time around, will you offer this Workshop again?

Absolutely! If you can't make it this time around, we will offer this Workshop with new figures every 4 weeks. For information about those dates - please visit

Do I need to know any dancing?

YES! This class is open to Improvers. It means that you need to be familiar with the basic steps and turns in Bachata. If you have never danced, please do not sign up for this workshop. Instead take our 4hr Intro Course in Bachata on Sunday Oct 19th at 4pm. After you complete that course, you can join this one. This is to make sure Jose and Rosy focus on extending your basics. Call me 832-413-2623