Can I Pay at the Door?

Post date: Mar 20, 2015 9:45:54 PM

Paying at the door IS NOT recommended.

Here is why:

The Bootcamp is a 3-hour course. It's important for every student to have a dance partner to practice with. When students sign up in advance we are able to balance the class so that we have even ladies to guys. Paying at the door doesn't offer us any insight on the number of people showing up and, therefore, the class may end up with an unequal ratio of guys to ladies. This would frustrate the students as they would have to wait a long time to get a dance partner.

If you still like to drop-in and pay at the door, there will be a Door Fee associated with these classes. $45/person the day of the Bootcamp. Also, please note that based on the number of ladies to men, we may or may not let you in. It is important that you call us at 832-413-2623 to see if there are any spots available.