Group Class Cards

A Group Class Card is our take on the punch card idea. Every time you come to class you get a mark of attendance. Currently we offer Class Cards for 4 lessons ($50/p), 8 lessons ($90/p), and 12 lessons ($130/p). Drop in Rate is $15.00/class per person. Couples save more!


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Class Card Restrictions

Before we discuss the advantages of Class Cards, let us mention the main restrictions that apply towards your Class Pass:

1. You must present your Class Cards every time you come to a group class. If you forgot to bring it to class, you have to pay for the lesson at the rate of $15/person (individual class rate).

2. Do not transfer your Class Card to any other student or guest without proper authorization from the instructor.

3. Lost Class Cards that have not been properly backed-up will not be replaced. All students are responsible for their Class Passes.

Class Card Advantages

1. The more lessons you buy, the bigger the discount you will see on the rate per lesson. For example. One group dance lesson is $15 if you decide to pay one lesson at a time.

With a class card of 4 lessons you only pay $50 or about $12.50 per lesson. You save $10.

With a class card of 8 lessons, you only pay $90 or about $11.25 per lesson. You save $30.

With a class card of 12 lessons, you only pay $130 or about $10.83 per lesson. You save $50.

Couples save even more!

2. Access any group dance class of your choice. Unless you choose to focus on a particular dance, you also have the option to simultaneously use the class pass towards our Salsa, Bachata, Cumbia, Kizomba, or Merengue group classes. That is, you can take as many lessons in one week as you wish based on your skills level.

3. Class Card keep all your lessons save, even if you miss a class. If you happen to miss a dance class due to work or traveling, you will not lose it. Flexibility on attendance is unlike any dance school in Houston. It is important to note that if you know that you will be absent for more than 2 weeks, please let your instructor know and backup the number of lessons in your card electronically (take a picture with your cell phone for example). Please do not lose your Class Card. You are responsible for keeping it safe with you. Treat it as cash.