1. Fun, insightful, and affordable. Our dance classes in Pearland / Houston are a great way to let go of daily stress, the monotonous routine, and the boredom of inactivity. Whether you are a novice dancer or a seasoned dancer, you will have a great time while being constantly challenged to develop your dancing skills.  

  2. Learn the core essentials. We encompass a wide range of exercises to master the essential techniques of dancing: Footwork, body movement, timing, terminology, musicality, pattern variations, frame / hand connection, and styling. You will always learn something new in our group dance classes. 

  3. Right-size, personable, and student oriented classes. We focus on acquiring just the right size of students per class and adapt our lessons to fit the dynamics of the group. This is important in order to provide individual attention, thus students that have difficulty during the lesson are less likely to fall through the cracks. 

  4. Approachable and fun breakdown of each move. We do not try to overload our students with too much information at once, but in different layers and building blocks according to the level and expectations of the class. 

  5. We will never make you feel bad for making mistakes! That is why you come to class. We want you to make mistakes and ask us as many questions as possible so we can fix them and polish the rough edges. We want you to look great when you go to the dance floor! 

  6. Lead / follow with confidence, elegance, and "flavor." We not only focus on the social aspect of dancing but on technique so that our students can lead and follow the dance moves / figures outside of class with anyone and everyone. The dance moves that we teach are not choreographed, they are 100% leadable on the dance floor. 

  7. Several practice opportunities. We couple our dance classes with outings and socials around Pearland, TX and Houston, TX so that our students can find several opportunities to meet up, practice, and continue developing their dancing skills. Pratice makes perfect. Do not think that because you are a beginner, you can't have fun on the dance floor!

  8. Missed a group class? No worries! We are flexible in regards to student attendance and absences. We know that life happens and sometimes it is not possible to attend every single class consecutively. You are free to come and go as you please. Students are given the opportunity to make up missed group classes. You will get what you paid for. 

  9. Classes can carry over to other weeks/months. Thanks to our Class Pass (group dance lessons) you come only when you can. You can even mix and match classes. There are no expiration dates. We recommend that you stay engaged with your classes to get the proper foundation steps.  

  10. Free classes / discounted classes.  We are always offering free classes every month during our socials / outings so you can learn new fun moves and meet with other dancers. We also offer free group lesson and private dance lesson give aways on all our 4hr beginner bootcamps. Join us and you can win!